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Back issues of the Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society (TOCS) and the current Newsletter can be ordered from the Society

TOCS 81: available to members only, membership fee £ 55, overseas £ 50, students £ 25

TOCS 71-80: £30 per volume plus postage

TOCS 63-70: £15 per volume plus postage


Please order by phone: +44 1223 881328, by email:, or by mail: The Oriental Ceramic Society, PO Box 517, Cambridge, CB21 5BE

TOCS 80 (2015-16), paperback, with essays on The Birth of Japanese Porcelain; Portraits of Virtue: Henri-Leonard Bertin, Joseph Amiot and the ‘Great Man’ of China; Elegant Chinese rooms with Fantastic Objects and Rootwood furniture; A Preliminary Note on the Greek Church’s use of Ottoman textiles; Dragons and Arabesques: Jade Carving in Persia and Central Asia in the 15th Century; Between the Chinese Garden and Chinese Painting and their Appreciation; thoughts inspired by works of the Xubaizhai Collection and The Yongzheng Emperor and the Qing Court Collection.

TOCS 79 (2014-15), paperback, with essays on Hirado’s earlier figurines and models: Delights for an Elite; Nor Imperial, but Simply Beautiful; 2014: A fine year for Chinese painting in London and Ahead of the Curve: New China from China, Contemporary Ceramics and Glass.

TOCS 78 (2013-14), paperback, with essays on recent Excavations at Edo Castle: Re-examining Porcelain made in Edo-period Japan; The Imperial Luohans of Zhongdu and the Reassertion of Chan (Zen) Buddhist influence in North China; The English and their taste for Chinese Armorial Porcelain; Ancient Chinese Jade through the Sonnenschein Lens, 1900-1935; A technological Study of Mamluk-period copies of Longquan Celadon wares and Seeing Well-being: A revisionist view of Yuan (1271-1368) painting.

TOCS 77 (2012-13), paperback, with essays on The Bluett Archive; Chinamania; Chinese porcelain in Spain during the Habsburg dynasty; and Recycled Archaic Jades.

TOCS 76 (2011-12), paperback, with essays on Chinese porcelain in Fustat; the Qianlong emperor and ‘Ge ware;’ Temmoku; Islamic Art at the Met; a Japanese garniture from Althorp; Mughal jade; Han life and afterlife; and OCS history.

TOCS 75 (2010-11), paperback, with essays on Southeast Asian ceramics; Chinese Export ceramics in the V&A; Yongle porcelains; Syrian glass; Kakiemon; British Museum jades; and Jiangxi ceramics.

TOCS 74 (2009-10), paperback, with essays on Qianlong porcelain; Westerners in Shekwan ceramics; Meiji ceramics for Japan; architectural ceramics; 12-17th c. Chinese jades; Transitional Jingdezhen kiln sites; Northern Song ceramic ownership; and Korean ceramic in the V&A.

TOCS 73 (2008-09), paperback, with essays on 18th century Chinese Export silks for the Dutch; Morgan and Freer; ceramic sculpture from Iran and Syria c. 1150-1250; 1760 jades; Kraak trade; Koryo celadons; situating Chinese ceramics; and the proceedings of a study day on monochrome ceramics.

TOCS 72 (2007-08), paperback, with essays on Shang and Zhou jades; Bristol’s Chinese glass collection; the transition from pottery to bronze; European subjects on Chinese porcelain; Chinese ceramics for the Dutch market; 18th century English ceramic fantasies of China; and the conservation of ceramics.

TOCS 71 (2006-07), paperback, with essays on the Mazarin Chest; pedestals; jades; Kütahya patterns; Chenghua porcelain; the Hunan Porcelain Company; numbered Jun wares; 17th century Chinese porcelain; and early Chinese Export teapots.

TOCS 70 (2005-06), paperback, with essays on royal Ming tombs; Stephen Wootton Bushell; Sir Percival David; Chinese and Japanese porcelains in the Palazzo Pitti; Orvar Karlbeck; a Xiongnu graveyard in Mongolia; porcelains from China to Japan; the Daae and Munthe collections in Norway; the Peabody Essex Museum; and the First National Museum in China.

TOCS 69 (2004-05), paperback, with essays on ceramic achievements in China over the last thirty years; the Zhanggongxiang kiln site; China’s Ancient Chinese Ceramics Research Society; Pre-Mongol Iranian ceramics; Blanc-de-Chine; art collecting in North Korea; Kraak, Swatow and Transitional wares; the Forbidden City; Chinese tea drinking; Song ceramics in the V&A; and contacts between Asia and Europe 1500-1800.

TOCS 68 (2003-04), paperback, with essays on Kakiemon; Blanc-de-Chine; Lang Tingji; and a ceremonial paraphernalia album.

TOCS 67 (2002-03), paperback, with essays on Emperor Yongzheng’s pastimes; a Tang dynasty cargo; treasures of the Forbidden City; pictorial representations of gardens in China; Yunnan ceramics; and on Chinese, Japanese and Safavid blue-and-white.

TOCS 66 (2001-02), hardback, with essays on Song sancai; the early Asian ceramic trade; Koryo celadons; the porcelains at Ardabil; jewelled gifts of the Mughal court; the Yongzheng Scroll of Antiquities; the Eumorfopoulos donation to the Benaki Museum; the Sassoon ivories; Chinese reverse painting on glass; and Chinese silk for Scotland.

TOCS 65 (2000-2001), hardback, with essays on Cizhou and Ding wares; the Xiuneisi kiln site; Cizhou wares of the Jin dynasty; the Southern Song capital Linan; the Tai temple of the Southern Song emperor Zhao; Europemania at the Chinese court; a porcelain auction in Amsterdam in 1778; archaeological recoveries in the Singapore River; and the Japanese porcelain collection in the British Museum.

TOCS 64 (1999-2000), hardback, with essays on Nabeshima porcelain; Chinese Buddhist sculpture; ‘peachbloom’ wares; the development of porcelain and celadon; Oriental ceramics from Dutch East India Company ships; and Angkor.

TOCS 63 (1998-99), hardback, with essays on Chinese export silver; Mamluk ceramics; Han dynasty glass; Tang Ying; Chinese porcelain in Spanish colonial sites; Chinese art in Australia; shufu wares; Yunnan blue-and-white; and China’s ceramic trade with India.