Asia House
63 New Cavendish Street
London W1G 7LP
Asia House is one of the premier pan Asian organisations in Britain, promoting a greater understanding of the rich and varied Asian cultures and economies. They run a lively programme of approximately 100 events annually, covering Asian economics, politics, visual and performing arts, literature, food, film and fashion.
It has extensive facilities including a museum standard art gallery, fine rooms for lectures, performances and a wide range of business and cultural events and a café.

Asia Society
725 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021

Japan Society
333 East 47th Street
New York, NY 10017

The Japan Society 
13/14 Cornwall Terrace
London NW1 4QP

The Asian Arts Society of Australia

The Royal Asiatic Society

The Royal Asiatic Society of Britain and Ireland provides a forum for those who are interested in the languages, cultures and history of Asia to meet and exchange ideas.  The Society was founded by the eminent Sanskrit scholar Henry Thomas Colebrooke in 1823 and to this day provides a varied programme of lectures and events.  Our events are mainly held at our premises at 14 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HD. For more information please visit our website or telephone 0207 388 4539.

The Friends of the Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch

This is a group of, mainly, ex members of the Royal Asiatic Society in Hong Kong, who meet together for regular lectures at the RAS HQ in Euston, on Saturday afternoons.  We welcome anyone interested in the history of Hong Kong and China.  Our lectures are on all aspects of Chinese and Asian history, culture and art and are always interesting.  We meet for an optional Asian meal before the lecture at a local restaurant.  We also arrange visits to places of interest in the UK and overseas, always with a Chinese theme.  For more information, to book a lecture and/or to receive emails of our lecture programme, please email to

The Hong Kong Society

The aim of the Hong Kong Society is to bring together groups or individuals with an interest in Hong Kong – be it social, cultural, historical or professional, the Society strives to be relevant to its members. A not-for-profit, self-funded organisation, the Society organises for members and their guests a wide range of events, including themed lunches, dinners, receptions, talks, gallery visits, cultural and sporting events, business forums, mentoring and networking opportunities. These are either free to members, discounted or charged at cost price. Many of these events take place in London but we also have regional activities in the UK.

Society members are drawn from all walks of life, most of whom have lived and worked in Hong Kong and retain an on-going interest in its welfare and prosperity. From the student and/or young Hong Kong professional living in London, to the expat who may have spent a few years or a lifetime working there – and everyone in between – all are welcome. Visit for more details or contact Fiona Duong at or by telephone 020 7963 9447.