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The Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong
Chinese Ceramics – A Hong Kong Perspective

Prof. Peter Lam
7 Feb – 13 Mar 2020

The Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong is excited to announce a series of lectures by Prof. Peter Y. K. Lam introducing the history of Chinese ceramics through archaeological sites in Hong Kong. This unique and informative series aims to introduce members to common terminology, vessel forms as well as to the connoisseurship of ceramics through artefacts excavated in Hong Kong.

1: Introduction to Chinese ceramics and early traditions
Prof. Peter Lam
7 February 2020

2: Han ceramics including the Li Cheng Uk Tomb finds and related issues
Prof. Peter Lam
14 February 2020

3: Late Song to Yuan Ceramic Finds in Kowloon Bay (To Kwa Wan MTR site)
Prof. Peter Lam
21 February 2020

4: Penny’s Bay Finds in Lantau Island (Ming finds at Disneyland site)
Prof. Peter Lam
28 February 2020

5: Made in Hong Kong – the Tai Po Wun Yiu kilnsite
Prof. Peter Lam
6 March 2020

6: Detecting the Fakes – Dating of Chinese Ceramics
Prof. Peter Lam
10 March 2020

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