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Chinese Blue and White Flask, Ming Dynasty Xuande period (1426-35) Given to the British Museum by Sir John Addis, a former President of the Oriental Ceramic Society

Chinese Blue and White Flask, Ming Dynasty Xuande period (1426-35). Given to the British Museum by Sir John Addis, a former President of the Oriental Ceramic Society

The Oriental Ceramic Society (OCS) is the leading international society for the study and appreciation of Asian art, with a special focus on ceramics.  Founded in 1921, the Society has members throughout the world, and our Patron is HRH The Duke of Gloucester.

The Society provides lectures on all aspects of Asian art, particularly Chinese and Japanese ceramics, jades, paintings and Middle Eastern art. Lectures are held in London (mostly at the Society of Antiquaries, next to the Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly), and they usually start and end convivially with a glass of wine, providing a regular opportunity for members to meet each other and talk informally. The Society also offers and supports handling sessions of items from museums and auction houses, as well as members’ collections, and it organises visits to public and private collections, guided tours of exhibitions and overseas tours

Through lectures, handling sessions, tours, exhibitions and publications, the Society provides a forum for members to develop and exchange their knowledge with experts and fellow enthusiasts. Our annual Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society are a highly regarded journal on Asian art, and the annual Newsletter brings news on Asian art from around the world.


Due to the Coronavirus we have been unable to hold any lectures or other events since March.  We hope to reschedule the cancelled lectures at a future time.  

In the meantime, we have prepared a series of informal online lectures for our members from July through September.  Our first lecture, given by past President Jessica Harrison-Hall on 15th July was entitled ‘China: A History in Objects’.  Peter White, our Vice President and Treasurer and long-time collector of Chinese ceramics will give a series of three lectures on Chinese pottery, stoneware and porcelain’.  His first lecture on 28th July covered the period 4000BC to 1125AD; the second on 11th August covered ceramics from 960-1368 which included the Northern Song, Southern Song and Jin and Yuan dynasties and his third lecture on 25th August covered the period 1368-1661 and included the ceramics of the Ming dynasty and the period of transition to the Qing.  On 15th September OCS Past President Rosemary Scott talked to us on Gifts from the Kangxi Emperor to his Grandmother.  

The sixth and final lecture of the series will be given by OCS Council member Dr Teresa Canepa on Tuesday 29 September at 13:30 BST.  The subject will be The Reception and Consumption of Chinese Porcelain in Europe and the New World: 16th & 17th centuries.

No booking is required for these lectures.  Full details and links will be sent to members by email prior to each lecture. They are available on our website for members to access.  Please go to Members Area and input the same password as for our Transactions (TOCS) and our Newsletters.

For details of our Autumn programme of online lectures, from October through to December, please go to Current Programme/Lectures.